Rhymes with Jichael Mackson

It’s been a big week for the King of Pop.  Allow me to break it down for you.

  • Much of his Neverland Ranch estate is up for auction next month, you can peruse the catalog of items up for sale here.  There are more bronze statuettes of children in here than you would expect from a grown man, but not more bronze statuettes of children than you would expect from Michael Jackson. 
  • I had this poster over my bed in college.  It didn't creep girls out at all.

    I had this poster over my bed in college. It didn't creep girls out at all.

  • It was Michael Jackson night on American Idol.  I’m not an Idol watcher, but I did happen upon this clip of  one contestant doing a killer “PYT”
  • And lastly, he announced a new 50 show engagement in London.  That’s right, because of mounting financial pressure due to enormous legal fees incurred in defending himself against multiple child molestation charges he loves his fans so much, MJ announced that he’ll be doing the string of concerts. You can see his announcement in the supremely bizarre press conference below.

Oh yeah, I GOT TICKETS TO ONE OF THE SHOWS. After getting home late from playing pool with a friend (who cleverly took advantage of the fact that I suck at pool), I discovered that presale tickets had just become available in London.  I was able to scrounge up enough pounds to buy a few, so I’ll be shipping off to London with my brother to bask/cower in his glory/weirdness. Good times!

Last ate: a Red Delicious apple (emphasis mine)

Listening to: Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana


One Response to Rhymes with Jichael Mackson

  1. Dwayne says:

    A couple of things

    1. Keep using the Fat Joe making it rain picture when you reference money, I love it every time

    2. Michael Jackson is, ironically, one of only three artists I would probably suck a cock to see live – with Nirvana and The Beatles.

    3. Excellent use of the strike function. Very well done.

    4. The wife does watch Idol and the vast majority of that episode sucked donkey balls. I watched because it was on in my house and I love Michael. That clip was about as good as it got because he does not have a voice/sound that lends itself to covering. Now Kurt Cobain . . .

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