The iPhone Cometh

In my quest to become a better and more complete person, I bought an iPhone last week. While I was disappointed to find out that they don’t actually come with a subscription to The New Yorker, a Prius and a latte, which I simply assumed, I’ve been enjoying it nonetheless.

Aside from allowing me to be better connected with the world and keep up with news more easily, my iPhone has mostly helped me to become a much ruder person. It’s never been easier to ignore the person right in front of me in order to check my email, play Wurdle (top score: 3280) or update my Facebook status. Thanks iPhone!

I should note that it wasn’t all puppies and rainbows with the iPhone and me, as I had a very public flirtation with the Blackberry Storm back in November. You can see for yourself 26 seconds into the below video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

While I legitimately enjoyed telling people to “hit me up on my Storm”, that very real perk didn’t outweigh the fact that I found the phone to be far less awesome than I so naively proclaimed to the audience of dozens who saw that CNET clip, and I promptly returned the device.

Let me know if you have any sweet applications for me to download. I’m currently spending an unfortunate amount of time pretending to be a Jedi with the light saber application.

Listening to: Tom Waits – Downtown Train

Last ate: Wheat Thins and cheddar cheese


One Response to The iPhone Cometh

  1. Marc says:

    My top iphone apps (free.. or at least when i got them)
    1. CUBERUNNER!!!!!
    2. Pandora
    3. if you like photohunt at the bars “ESPN Camera Man” is like the same thing
    4. Labyrinth (lite edition)
    5. Peg Jump (self explanatory)
    6. Remote (if you use itunes and have WiFi in your house, it just controlls your itunes from anywhere, its really cool.
    7. Shazam (lets you know any song that playing anywhere)
    8. Urbanspoon
    9. TRACE!!!!
    10. and Jelly Car is kinda cool also

    they should all be free

    btw your blog is really funny and i enjoy reading it.

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