Friday Shenanigans

In my old age, I’ve realized that I’ve become a little bit crotchety.  Here’s a quick list of things I’ve come across that really grind my gears

  • The price of razor blades.
  • How cold my apartment is.
  • That The Wire never won an Emmy
  • This guy

    I actually went to see "Maverick" with this guy's son in 6th grade.  I was even offended then.

    I actually went to see "Maverick" with this guy's son in 6th grade. I was even offended then.

I’m also offended by the “news” on, “The Most Trusted Name in News”. I found these hard hitting nuggets of journalistic excellence on the headlines section earlier today:

For all you Snuggie fans: For my birthday a dear friend got me a Snuggie.  This is actually a wonderful gift, given the aforementioned offensively low temperatures in my apartment. There’s a Snuggie Pub crawl going on next month, and I think I should probably go, as there will undoubtedly be women with low standards there.

For all you financiers out there, I’d like to point out that my idea to invest in forver stamps doesn’t seem so crazy now that the price of stamps is going up.  While it’s a conservative investment, in this economy it’s the surest thing around.

Listening to: The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I go

Last ate: An Italian BMT from Subway for dinner by myself.  I know that this is pathetic, and I’m more than a little ashamed.


2 Responses to Friday Shenanigans

  1. choad says:

    i for one have to say that matthew lesko can still be found lurking upper NW, in his new wheels – a black mini cooper with yellow ?’s all over it. one time, i saw him twice in one day, i think he was following me.

    notably, he is referenced by mf doom on the track “is he ill?” also, somehow, lesko did an infomercial for dangerdoom:

    all in all, im not sure with the advent of the innernette how ?lesko? makes money.

  2. Dwayne says:

    You think you hate the price of razor blades? Try shaving your head.

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