Aging like Inexpensive Wine

I turned 27 yesterday, but dont worry, this post isn’t a ploy to get birthday wishes (though it is a ploy to get birthday jet skis).  I was sick and stayed home from work, spending much of the day trying to stay warm in my freezing apartment, writing work emails and feeling a little bit sorry for myself.  After all, cold, sick and lonely doesn’t seem like a promising start to one’s late twenties, does it?

But as the day wore on and the steady stream of Facebook wall posts (the true measure of a person’s worth), emails and phone calls filtered in from so many people who have touched my life over the past 27 years, I quickly became overwhelmed.  I, like most everyone I know, spend so much of my life worrying about the future and where my life is going that I don’t take enough time to really soak in all that I have right now.  So maybe I’m not exactly where I thought I’d be at 27.  I haven’t quite made my millions and I’m still looking for the girl of my dreams, and the pursuit of those and other abstract ideas of what I’ve decided my future’s supposed to look like takes up a whole lot of my time and energy.  

Best birthday book of all-time

Best birthday book of all-time

But after spending the first part of my day thinking that I didn’t have much to show for myself at this ripe old age, I began to realize that, I’ll be damned, maybe I do.  As the notes and well wishes came in from all over, I realized how lucky I’ve been to have surrounded myself with so many wonderfully interesting, fun and thoughtful people whom I love and respect.  I’m honored to have the privilege of calling them friends.  

My point here is not to preach or prosletyze, but rather to ask you to take a quick break from thinking about what you don’t have and how to get it.  We all do it, and I guess it’s part of our lot as humans to spend our time yearning for the things we think we need.  But take a minute to sit back, take a deep breath and really think about what/who you DO have.  If you’re even half as lucky as I am, you’ll realize how amazing it is to be surrounded by so much love.  It’s a wonderful feeling, maybe you just need to be a little bit older to figure out where to find it.

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